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The Chilacas Experimental Station is established as a project of the company Geoambiente Ltda, on a 4-hectare property located in the village of La Cabrera, Municipality of Pacho - Cundinamarca, which had a high degree of environmental deterioration. Its recovery and adaptation for the production of forest species of the high Andean ecosystem begins.


The company Renacer Ecológico Ltda., in cooperation with Geoambiente, begins the implementation of the project: RENACER Ecological Park, in accordance with the provisions of the master plan designed by Eng. Eduardo Bermúdez on an adjacent 11-hectare property.


The nursery project for the production of medium and warm climate species with emphasis on guadua, called: Bambusa Productive Station which is in permanent development and its integration into the Forest Botanical Garden is planned in its second stage.


The Geoambiente company becomes the owner of the RENACER Ecological Park property and continues with the vision of the project calling it: Nageia Forest Natural Reserve.


The Geoambiente company becomes the owner of Finca los Naranjos and continues with the Productiva Bambusa station nursery project.


The main house of Finca los Naranjos is restored, adapting it for environmental education projects and ecotourism businesses.


Geoambiente delivers the stations on loan to the Yarumo Foundation for its operation.


The official image of the Cundinamarca Forest Botanical Garden project and associated graphic pieces are designed.

The first day of flora marking takes place inside the JBFC.

The project initiative was pre-launched at the FIMA International Environmental Fair in Bogotá.

2019: Identification of the species of the Botanical Garden, organization of the living collections. 

2020: favorable technical concept from the Alexander von Humboldt Institute and the National Network of Botanical Gardens.


Enrichment of the Botanical Garden's living collections with native species from the region's forests. 

Construction of our environmental education program begins

2022: Obtaining DGEN Resolution No. 20227000144 of 8  Apr. 2022, environmental permit for the establishment of the Botanical Garden.

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