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Forest Botanical Garden

Developing sustainable eco regions 


Main office: 

Av Pradilla 900 East CC center Chía 

Office 20 -19


Chía / Cundinamarca / Colombia

Av. Pradilla 900 east CC. Chia Center

Fund. Yarumo. Office 20-19

(57) + 1 8844242

(57) 3212019829

Chilacas Agroforestry Station

Km 30 via Zipaquirá - Pacho Vereda La Cabrera

Bambusa Production Station

Km 8 via Pacho - Villagomez Vereda Bermejal

Date of Constitution

August 2019

Our philosophy

We are a non-governmental organization (NGO), non-profit and environmental in nature, committed to the development of conservation and sustainable production projects to promote biotrade and research for the conservation of the floral biodiversity of terrestrial ecosystems.

As part of our responsibility as an environmental foundation, we promote development strategies with an emphasis on innovation for the benefit of the communities and regions where we carry out our activities, thus generating spaces for reflection and continuous training.

The development of an eco-region is only possible in an environment of cooperation, where each member of the community contributes and complements the efforts of others to achieve common objectives that benefit everyone. 

All regions that understand the need to join collective efforts will be potentially productive regions and All those entrepreneurial regions with a sense of belonging to their environment and respect for natural resources will be sustainable eco-regions that will generate development and progress for their members and for future generations.

Under this philosophy of cooperation, the Yarumo Foundation promotes productive projects by providing direct technical assistance and promoting environmental training.

The province of Rionegro has been the pioneering eco-region where Fundación Yarumo, 10 years ago gave start of his work, and where the agroforestry stations are currently located (Chilacas Station & Bambusa Station) of which he is the operator and promoter of conservation and sustainable production models.

Lines of work

  • Production of plant material with emphasis on the protection of native species and recovery of terrestrial eco-regions.

  • Development of restoration models that guarantee conservation.

  • For the conservation of native flora 

Environmental education

  • Hotbed of environmental leaders with a responsible vision of the future.

  • Workshops - training - Environmental conferences for academic, business or individual groups.

Productive alliances

  • Consolidation of more humane and sustainable production models.

  • Planning, execution and support in agroforestry productive projects with emphasis on conservation and biotrade 

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