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km 30 via Zipaquirá - Pacho.



Chía / Cundinamarca / Colombia

Av. Pradilla 900 east CC. Chia Center

Fund. Yarumo. Office 20-19

(57) + 1 8844242

(57) 3212019829


Forest Botanical Garden

Chilacas Agroforestry Station

Km 30 via Zipaquirá - Pacho Vereda La Cabrera

Bambusa Production Station

Km 8 via Pacho - Villagomez Vereda Bermejal

​Let us know if you want to visit us, have any questions or contributions to the project. 


Are you interested in doing your professional internship,  degree work or volunteering in environmental education and  conservation of the Andean forest?

Hemos recibido tu mensaje. Gracias!

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